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Musik / 6.01.2010

much love to the plastic people

Es soll der letzte Abend gewesen sein für Four Tet im “Plastic People”. Zu diesem Anlass machte Four Tet den Gästen am 11. Dezember ein ganz besonderes Geschenk.

On December 11th (2009) I’ll be doing the last night of a DJ residency I’ve had at Plastic People in London for the last year or so. As a thank you to the people who have been coming down I’ve made a mix CD of some of the tracks that I’ve been playing at those nights and a free copy will be given to everyone who comes through the door for this last session. This will not be for sale anywhere and is just for this one night. A lot of the music on the new Four Tet album was tested out at these Plastic People nights and this club is a big inspiration to me. Look forward to seeing you there on the 11th.

Mittlerweile hat die Mix-CD auch den Weg ins Internet gefunden. Suchmaschinen führen bekanntlich zum Ziel.

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