Film / 24.01.2008

Die Nominierten

beim diesjährigen Oscar in der Kategorie Best Animated Short sind:

Moya lyubov – “A moving painting that captures love in all of its longing. And like some of the other nominees, the style of animation is so bloody unique. This short would be tremendous on the big screen with all of those moving pixels/ paint strokes. No English translation available but the visual imagery tells the story for the most part.”

Meme Les Pigeons Vont au Paradis – “The only 3D animation in the bunch which comes as a surprise as it has become the dominant form. I think the slapstick story fits that style perfectly.”

asc-peter-und-der-wolf.jpgPeter & the Wolf – “A cute story about a little boy with no fear. Again, the technique is tremendous. I am not sure it is all claymation. Some of the background and even some of the objects look 3D. It is especially hard to see the difference when watching it online.”

Madame Tutli-Putli – “The plot and scenes move along slowly, giving us enough time to invest attention on every detail of the frame. In my opinion, in terms of style, this short is heads above the rest. And that may well be the case with any animated film you compare it to. It is simply that good.”

Trailer for I met the Walrus – “Couldn’t find the film online. It looks like an elongated motion graphics experiment coupled with some choice quotes about war and peace.”

Anschauen kann man sich die nominierten Filmchen schon jetzt. Ganz Legal. Die Links gibt es bei TickleBooth: KLICK
Eine komplette Liste aller Nominierungen für den Oscar 2008 gibt es beim Peter: KLICK nochmal

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